Transaction Amount
Mortgage Loan Amount: 
  Mortgage Loan
Mortgagee Policy Premium: 
Title Search: 
Municipal Lien Search: 
Secure Doc Fee: 
Mortgage Closing Fee: 
Alta 4.1: 
Alta 5.1: 
Alta 6.1: 
Alta 7.1: 
Alta 8.1: 
Doc Stamps on Mtg: 
Int Tax on Mtg: 
Mortgage Recording Fee: 
Mortgage Loan Total: =  
  Other Expense
# of Existing Payoffs = 
# of Packages = 
E-Recording = 
Other Expense Total: =  
Total Expense: =  
Mortgage Loan: +  
**Total Expense: -  
Net Proceeds: =  

**Additional fees may be charged changing the above estimates.  Also, these calculations assume a property located within a platted subdivision in Florida.  For unplatted property, multiple parcels or commercial property, please contact our office.